• To promote the conservation of wildlife species and the ecosystem that sustains them
  • To provide a liaison among individual members, Chapter, Sections, and The Wildlife Society
  • To provide chapter members with a better understanding of the goals of The Wildlife Society
  • To provide opportunities for field related experience or knowledge outside the MWSU classroom
  • To provide Chapter members with a better understanding of the disciplines of wildlife biology, wildlife management, and conservation biology
  • To promote high standards of scholarship and professionalism and provide for a better understanding of the qualities/qualifications for which prospective employers are looking

About Our Organization

The Wildlife Society’s unique emblem features Egyptian hieroglyphics and depict our broad interest. The literal translation of the hieroglyphics, from top to bottom, is: beasts (mammals), birds, fishes, and flowering plants (vegetation).

The Wildlife Society (TWS), founded in 1937, is a professional international non-profit scientific and educational association dedicated to excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education.

Our mission is to enhance the ability of wildlife professionals to conserve diversity, sustain productivity, and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for the benefit of society.

TWS encourages professional growth through certification, peer-reviewed publications, conferences, and working groups.

Society members are dedicated to sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats. Ecology is the primary scientific discipline of the wildlife profession, therefore, the interests of the Society embrace the interactions of all organisms with their natural environments.

The Society recognizes that humans, as other organisms, have a total dependency upon the environment. It is the Society’s belief also that wildlife, in its myriad forms, is basic to the maintenance of a human culture that provides quality living.

The MWSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society formed in 2002. Since its creation, the chapter has been involved in a variety of projects. One such project is Share the Harvest, where members help the state agency collect venison to be processed and distributed to feed the needy. They deliver around 6,000 meals a year. Another project is assisting the state in antler measurements and demographic data at meat processing plants. The chapter has been given four sites to work on, the most out of any other organization in the state. TWS students also play an active role in activities at Remington Nature Center, Missouri Department of Conservation, Super Science Saturday, and Prairie Days, among many others.

Students do not need to be a Wildlife Conservation and Management major to join TWS. Students from all academic areas enjoy the comradery and friendships that are a part of being in the organization and can truly benefit from the experience and networking opportunities provided.

The MWSU Student Chapter Goals

  1. Develop and maintain professional standards for wildlife research and management
  2. Enhance knowledge and technical capabilities of wildlife managers
  3. Advance professional stewardship of wildlife resources and their habitats
  4. Advocate the use of sound biological information for wildlife policy decisions
  5. Increase public awareness and appreciation of the wildlife profession

How To Join

  • First come to a meeting and get to know us
  • Contact our Treasurer and pay the dues
  • Click the link “The Wildlife Society” and become a National member and bring your membership ID number to the treasurer. Hope to see you soon!!
The Wildlife Society
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