Veterans are nontraditional students whose life experiences makes their educational journey unique. The Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center works closely with the MWSU chapter of the Student Veterans of America in order to create an intentional culture of understanding, acceptance, and success for Veterans at Missouri Western.


  • Promote communication and interaction among veterans in order to encourage veterans helping veterans.
  • Provide outreach programs to potential student veterans.
  • Sponsor organizational operations that promote veterans helping veterans and social events and networking opportunities that include family, loved ones, and veteran supporters.
  • To provide a venue for the distribution of resources and information to student veterans at Missouri Western.
  • Educate the surrounding communities about the special experiences, circumstances, strengths, and needs of military veterans and their families.
  • Work with the university administration to meet the needs of student veterans, serve as a liaison to the University Administration and Student Government Association by providing representation and advocating for the needs of student veterans at Missouri Western.
  • To promote an active membership of student veterans currently enrolled at Missouri Western.
  • To provide encouragement of the academic success of student veterans.

How is a veteran defined?

A veterans student will be defined by one or more of the following criteria: prior military service; a veteran of any of the US military branches (Army, Navy, Marine, Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard) and its reserve components; an active duty military member of any of the US military branches; an active duty military or veteran of any state or territory National Guard unit; and is seeking to continue their education while managing the demands and responsibilities of adult life.

More information

Visit the Online Veterans Resource Center!

For veterans program suggestions or assistance please contact: Nontraditional & Commuter Student Center or 

To contact MWSU Student Veterans of America: or fill out the interest form.

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