The Missouri Western Student Honors Organization (SHO) is a social club for MWSU students in the honors program that strives to unite the honors students in fellowship, excitement, and community service.

SHO’s mission is to promote interest in the Student Honors Organization and MWSU Honors Program, provide fellowship among Honors students and faculty, and present the interests of Honors students to the Honors Committee.

What is an Honors club? Is it a glasses-and-argyle wearing bookworm barrage that throws study parties while watching old reruns of Battlestar Galactica? Is it a gang of hipster teenagers holding car smash fundraisers and going on midnight runs to iHop? Or Taco Bell for fourthmeal? Do its members solve Rubik’s cubes, debate Dickinson, and long for Toonami’s golden age to return or go mud racing, play Halo, and turn down A Beautiful Mind for A-Team? That’s for you guys to decide.

This club caters to all interests and all varieties of people – so long as they are participants in the Honors Program, of course! There is amazing potential for this club, having recently been reviewed, revamped and revved up for some fantastic activities. We are looking forward to the great time we’re going to have next semester. It’s SHOtime for Honors at Missouri Western once more!

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Student Honors Organization