To build relations with students from Missouri Western State University, as well as the American society in St. Joseph. The Saudi Student organization at Missouri Western has no political interests, connections, or objectives. In addition, our activities are in accordance with the Islamic Shariah and the Kingdom’s policy. It is also in accordance with the rules and regulations of Missouri Western State University.


  • The Saudi Student organization at Missouri Western is an important means of introducing Saudi history, civilization and culture to American society through its various activities; its cultural, social, sports and media programs.
  • Another objective is to consolidate and strengthen social relations among Saudi students during their stay at MWSU.
  • Help new scholarship students get to know and adapt to life in the American society as well as the student community in MWSU.
  • Communicate with SACM concerning Saudi students, and notify SACM officials of any problems and/or issues that might face the students in order to help find solutions.
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Saudi Student Club