Fall 2020 Sorority Recruitment

Please continue to watch this page for updates. Last Update 07/07/2020

Panhellenic recruitment offers potential new members (PNMs) to meet chapter members and learn about the different chapters on campus. During the recruitment season, PNMs are placed under a Recruitment Counselors (Rho Gammas) who will assist in guiding you through the recruitment process. Recruitment is an opportunity to meet peers, learn about Greek life, and learn about student life. Participating in the recruitment process does not require one to join a sorority, but rather is intended to be a positive experience for all who participate.

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Sorority Recruitment Dates:

  • Wednesday, August 19th, 5:30 pm, Blum 218 – Chapter Info Night 1
  • Thursday, August 20th, 6:30 pm, Blum 218 – Chapter Info Night 2
    • Only required to attend one of the Info Nights
  • Tuesday, August 25th, 5:00 pm, Blum 218 – Meet Your Rho Gamma
  • Wednesday, August 26th, 5:00 pm, Blum 218 – Party Night 1
  • Thursday, August 27th, 5:00 pm, Junior College Room – Party Night 2
  • Friday, August 28th, 5:00 pm, Junior College Room – Preference Night
  • Saturday, August 29th, 8:00 am, Upstairs Blum – Bid Day 

How to Register:

Welcome to Recruitment 2020! We are extremely excited to know that you have expressed interest in joining a sorority at Missouri Western State University! Please read the following information thoroughly because you must agree to the following terms before submitting this application.

It will take 30-45 minutes to complete the registration form. In addition, you are only allowed to register “ONCE”. If there are duplicate registration forms from the same person, Panhellenic reserves the right to use the first registration form completed within the system. So, please make sure your information is correct when registering.

Things You Will Need to Register:

  • A Laptop or Desktop should be used when registering.
  • Your Resume. Chapter members will focus heavily on this registration form. So, please be sure to list all extracurricular activities, honors, community service, and work experience. It is strongly encouraged that you have your resume available. Your registration form should mirror your resume.
  • Your High School Transcript or a recent Grade Report Card.
  • A Most Recent Head Shot Photograph (i.e. Senior Pictures).
  • Your T-Shirt Size.
  • Payment by debit or credit card is required at the time of registration. Registration fee in non-refundable.
  • Video: This year, we are requiring PNMs to upload a video to introduce themselves to chapters. In this video, please state your name, hometown, major, and something unique/interesting about yourself. Please keep this video to two minutes in length. This video should be recorded on your phone or computer and then uploaded to YouTube, so the link may be placed on your registration application. Below is a sample video as well as instructions for submitting your video.
    1. https://youtu.be/TFXCwPIV4Co
    2. Instructions for video submission: https://uagreeks.uark.edu/panhellenic-council/recruitment/yt-instructions-for-pc-recruitment.pdf
  • All of these things must be submitted at the time of application. Once submitted, your application is final. You will not be able to edit, revise, add, and/or remove.
  • Registration Link: https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/mowstu

Registration is now open!

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Questions or Concerns:

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail our Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment and Retention, Bayley Pickering, at bpickering@missouriwestern.edu

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