The Non-Traditional Student Association (NTSA) works closely with the Nontraditional and Commuter Student Center to support nontraditional students. The goals and objectives of the Non-Traditional Student Association are:

  1. To provide a venue for the distribution of resources and information to non-traditional; students at Missouri Western.
  2. To serve as a liaison to the University Administration and Student Government Association by providing representation and advocating for the needs of non-traditional students at Missouri Western
  3.  To serve as a network of outreach and support for non-traditional students at Missouri Western by providing opportunities for interaction with other non-traditional students. This will primarily be accomplished by regularly held campus activities open to both non-traditional students and their families or significant others.
  4. To promote an active membership of non-traditional students currently enrolled at Missouri Western.
  5. To provide encouragement of the academic success of club members.
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