The Missouri Western Dance Company consists of Missouri Western students of all backgrounds with a love and willingness to strive for excellence through the craft of dance.


The Missouri Western Dance Company is an auditioned, young adult dance company primarily focusing on passion and style while still maintaining elements of traditional dance techniques providing an outlet by which members may practice, perform and compete in dance associated programs.

The purpose of the MWDC is to grow each individual to be able to effectively communicate ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through the art of dance and to grow our company as a unit.


  • are classy, sassy, strong and dedicated.
  • perform dance moves that captivate audiences and push the envelope causing thought provoking emotions.
  • hold themselves to a standard of excellence both on and off the dance floor.
  • are flexible and can handle any and all adversity.
  • are poised, unique and confident in every way.
  • are positive roles models and a light to all.
  • are a family.
Missouri Western Dance Company
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