The Legal Studies Association is for those students who enjoy discussing the law, participating in related philanthropic activities and networking within the legal field. We strive to promote interest in the law for the students of Missouri Western and the St. Joseph community. We promote civic engagement and empower students with information and experiences within the legal and criminal justice system.

Membership Policy

Section I: A member must be enrolled at MWSU as a full-time student (and remain as a full-time student during his/her membership). He/she must also have a 2.00 (on a 4.000 scale) cumulative grade point average

Section II: Any Missouri Western State University student may become a member of the organization by attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.Membership shall be for one (1) school year.

Section III: Any member of the organization who is absent from three (3) scheduled meetings, and who cannot satisfy the Executive Committee that there was a good cause for such absence shall not be able to vote on any issue(s) until reinstated by a simple majority vote of the membership.

Section IV: Any member of the organization who is absent from a meeting waives their right to vote on any issue(s) discussed at said meeting.

Legal Studies Association
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