Kappa Mu Epsilon (http://www.kappamuepsilon.org) is a national mathematics honors organization.

Membership is by invitation only and is restricted to those students who have attained a certain GPA and
have taken at least three college mathematics classes — at least one of which is Calculus I or higher.
The induction ceremony for KME is in the spring semester.

Students eligible for KME will have:
1. completed at least one semester at MWSU.
2. earned at least 45 hours of college credit.
3. earned an overall GPA greater than 2.90.
4. completed at least 3 math classes.
5. earned college-credit for a calculus course.
6. completed a mathematics course at the level of calculus (MAT 147, 166, 167) or higher, at MWSU, with a grade of B or better.
7. earned at least a B average in ALL math courses (including those numbered 100 or higher transferred from another college/university).

Kappa Mu Epsilon
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